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The cluser is compoased by thirteen SME (and the number grows ) , three universities , two cityhalls , two regional administrations , four facilitators and last bun not the least an specialised industrial park.

Mission : The Cluster Prelucrări Metale Transilvania, Metallcluster Siebenburgen, Cluster Metal Manufactoring Transilvania  (PrelMet Transilvania), aims to increase the organizational capacity of the Cluster. The need for implementing this project is determined by the regional and national need of developing cluster structures, based on networking and wining the trust of the economic agents in this type of representation, cooperation, collaboration and development for the future of their communities. The idea of this project was determined by the fact that a cluster is a strong mechanism that can contribute to a sustainable development at regional level, for beginning, and after that at national level. The competitive advantages offered by the cluster structure are deriving from the microeconomic level and are leading towards innovation, increase of the efficiency and supporting the start-up process. Main advantages for the companies that are members in a cluster are:

(1)  common specialized human resources;

(2)  common suppliers and specialized clients;

(3)  specific infrastructure with training institutions adapted to cluster needs together with development and research institutions;

(4) dissemination of the knowledge inside  the cluster.

The main objective of the Cluster PrelMet Transilvania is to increase to companies’ efficiency and to reduce the differences between average level recorded at national level and the European Union’s level. The target is represented by recording economic increase by the members. As part of the main objective, it is desired that the clusters will include in the future more companies as the first result of the organizational enforcement, as well to create and implement an efficient communication system that will develop cooperation relations between cluster’s members and will gain also the trust in this organization that can offer them representativeness and can become a facilitator for their future development. A first step is straitening the organizational capacity of the cluster. For assuring the representativeness at regional level the cluster must extend its network of members including more companies in the area of metal processing that are willing to develop in this association, to work in a cluster network and to awareness them about the advantages of working in this associative form, to create and implement an efficient communication system that will help them to be a regional representative association and a facilitator for the future development

The cluster aims to develop R&D&I activities , technology transfer and coordinates activities and projects at cluster level , in order to internationally promote thr cluster , to improve the cooperation between cluster’s members and attracting new members  .

Specific objectives

–          develop metal processing sector in Romania , especially in our proximity

–          improve R&D&I capacity ; stimulate R&D and factories cooperation ; improve cluster’s members access to R&D findings

–          improve cluster’s members access to technology transfer

–          improve cluster’s members productivity

–          focused training

–          gain advantage in existing market and improving access to new markets

–          develop cooperation and networking between members

–          support for a favorable business environment

–          internationalization


List of companies :

1. S.C. Mecanic Tehnic S.R.L. Cugir
2. S.C. Preliv S.R.L. Cugir
3. S.C. Cuplaje-Prod S.R.L. Cugir
4. S.C. Scularie Cugir , Cugir
5. S.C. Romtehnica S.R.L. Sibot
6. S.C. Bulbucan S.R.L. , Cugir
7. S.C. SGL Producţie & Conmerţ S.R.L., Cugir
8. S.C. Nova Grup S.R.L., Cugir
9. S.C. Tea S.R.L.S.C. Marbad S.R.L.
10. S.C. Brahia S.R.L. , Alba Iulia
11. S.C. SebSteelMet S.R.L., Alba Iulia
12. S.C. Almi Import&Export S.R.L., Aiud
13. S.C. Marbad S.R.L. Cugir


14. S.C. Prototip S.R.L. Cugir
15. S.C. COMPA S.A. Sibiu
16. S.C. Endrol S.R.L. Pianul de Jos
17. S.C. IPCT TEHNOMAG CUG S.A. Cluj Napoca


List of Universities:
1.  Technical University of Cluj Napoca (Universitatea Tehnică Cluj Napoca) ,
2. „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu (Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu)
3. „1 Decembrie 1918” University Alba Iulia (Universitatea 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Iulia)

List of Cityhalls

1.Cityhall Alba Iulia
2. Cityhall Cugir

List of local/regional authorities

1.       Conty Council Alba
2.       Regional Development Agency (Center Region)

List of facilitators :

1.       S.C. Industrial Park Cugir S.A. – Cugir
2.       SME Foundation – Alba Iulia
3.       S.C. Atta Consulting S.R.L. Alba Iulia
4.       AISTEDA University Foundation , Bucharest , Alba Iulia
5.       Api Acces Project Investment Iasi
6.      Technological Development Institute


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